Autonomous driving desktop 12-channel HDMI video injection system W50 recharge injection hardware-in-the-loop simulation test HIL

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12-channel HDMI video injection system W50

The W50 supports simulation software to export video signals through HDM I cables and inject them into the domain controller through GMSL cables for automatic driving test verification.

The product has passed joint debugging and testing by multiple host manufacturers, and its performance and stability meet the strict requirements of the client, earning full recognition from the customer base.

  • ·Independently developed and designed

    Solution provided for algorithm validation and optimization in the autonomous driving industry

  • ·15-channel video injection

    Supports 12-channel HDMI video signal input

  • ·GPTP Synchronous Injection

    Supports gPTP timing timestamp with an accuracy of less than 1m

  • ·Server Level

    It can operate for a long time and supports various configurations and usage methods for desktop level and HIL racks


Application Process

AD Station W50 is the ideal choice for the research and development platform for hardware in the loop simulation testing of HIL.

The GPU server inputs simulation scenarios to the W50 through a 12 channel HDMI interface, and the W50 analog camera data is synchronously injected into the ECU to be tested through the 12 channel GMSL camera interface and Ethernet interface gPTP.


Interface description

There are a total of 4 mini HDMI input interfaces、3-way Gigabit Ethernet interface and 1 4-in-1 Amphenol min-Fakra interface (4 video outputs) led out from the external interface at the baffle.


key parameters


Supports MAX96717, MAX96717F, MAX9295A, MAX96715, etc

SSerializer rate

3G / 6G

Correspondin g deserializer

Support MAX96712 / MAX9296A and so on


3* 4-in-1 Amphenal Z code min-Fakra

GMSL output

Support 4096 × 2160@30fps Output

GMSL number of channels

12-channel GMSL video output

Video format


HMDI interface

Mini HDMI interface

HDMI input

Support 4096 × 2160@30fps input

Number of HDMI channels

12-channel HDMI video input

Synchronous injection

3-way Gigabit Ethernet interface,Supports gPTP timing timestamp with an accuracy of less than 1m

Cable length

Under GMSL1 mode can reach 40m(3Gbps)
Under GMSL2 mode can reach 20m(6Gbps)


Support the upgrade of PC firmware

Working temperature


Storage temperature


Working Humidity


Storage Humidity


Power supply





Length*width*height:11.81 * 11.26*4.72(inch)


5 years

Power consumption test

Static power consumption


Dynamic power consumption


Size and structure


Application Area

Injection based image simulation

Used for video simulation of unmanned driving systems


Vehicle video playback system

Video playback for data collection vehicles


Hardware in the loop HIL simulation AUSIM

Used for ADAS and autonomous driving test system in loop HIL simulation


The warranty period of all products sold is 12 months.

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